Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a post so I could post a post (and pictures)

It is so easy for a week (and then some) to slip by without a post. 

We just finished up our first week of swimming lessons.  I love summer swimming (at least on sunny days).  Outdoor pools are the best!  Both kids are in classes at the same time, and the lessons are 30 minutes each day, every day (M-F) for 2 weeks.  However since I signed up for 2 sessions we will get to do 4 weeks.  Keeps us busy but so far they both are really enjoying it.

One of the reasons I love this particular pool so much is that they have a very high instructor to student ratio.  I have seen it be almost 1:1 some days, even for Hannah's slightly more advanced level.

I'm floating!!

Once again I am falling behind miserably on blog reading.  A massive catch up effort is in order. 

Maybe tomorrow.

Actually it won't happen until at least next week.  Tomorrow is our annual family picture day and then I am taking the girls down to Seattle for some back to school shopping (hello?? Is that you calling our name Nordstrom Anniversary sale?????).  We are going to make it a girls night and have dinner and stay at a hotel so I looking very forward to it. 

My step-daughter Macy only has about 2 weeks left before she heads back to San Diego.  Hoping to make the most of it.  :)

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Monday, July 12, 2010

The 4th on the 12th


Our day began with a neighborhood parade…

IMG_3414 IMG_3403 IMG_3428


Followed by a trip to Grammy’s for a family barbeque, where the annual 4th photo of the siblings and cousins is always a must…





Followed by a trip back home for sparklers and fireworks!



It was too hot to get on the computer last week to post these pictures, hope you don’t mind I’m so late!!  Much cooler this week – looking forward to catching up with you all soon!! 

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Personal Penguin

I was not able to take video recordings during Hannah's actual dance recitals, I did record one of her dances at dress rehearsal.

Your Personal Penguin:

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Trick or Treat (in July!)

I have been uploading some videos to the computer (finally) is one I like from Halloween. 

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