Friday, December 23, 2011

Q&A with Hannah and Eli

Totally stealing not only the idea but also the actual questions from Helene's blog.  

But she said it was okay. 

Interview with Hannah and Eli:

What does Santa look like?

H: Well, he has a white beard and mustache. He wears red and white and I think he has green eyes. His cheeks are red and he is fat.
E: A little red!

Where does Santa live?

E:  He lives in his workshop!

H: In the North Pole in his workshop.

What is Santa doing right this minute? 

H:  Making toys and packing his sleigh and giving orders to the elves and feeding his reindeer. 

E: Making toys!

How does Santa keep track of what you want for Christmas? 

E:  I can't tell you that.  What I want for Christmas is more Lighting McQueen stuff!

H: One thing is magic.  Number 2 - some people have an elf.  Number 3 - Christmas lists.  Number 4 - there are people who live close to the North Pole who watch with computers and binoculars.  

How does Santa get to every house in one night? 

H: It's a little bit of the same thing.  He's magic and he's quick.  That's about it.  Oh, and his reindeer.  

E: Ride his sleigh!

Is the Grinch real? 

E: It's real in the North Pole.

H: NO.

Do families have a special dinner on Christmas Day?

H: Yes...probably like beef, ham, turkey, maybe a salad and some stuffing.  Sometimes nuts.  Like chestnuts roasted on an open fire.  

E: Yeah - like turkey sandwiches!

Does Santa bring gifts for parents? 
(this is when Eli's doll baby dinosaur wanted to get in on the Q&A)

E:  (nods yes)

Baby dinosaur:  yeah (in baby talk)

H: Sometimes.....just because if he knows if parents get enough presents from their kids and families.  Just depends. 

Is it customary to leave food for Santa on Christmas Eve? 

H:  (long pause why she tries to figure out what "customary" means).  Yes.  I think that's right, right? Cookies and hot cocoa.  

Baby Dinosaur:  yeah, cookies!

E: Turkey sandwiches!! 

How does Santa know if you are good or bad? 

Baby Dinosaur:  Cause if you're frustrated you go on the naughty list, if you're happy you go on the good list.  Swiper and the Grinch don't like Christmas!

E:  When I'm mad he won't bring me presents but when I am happier he does. 

H: This is how:  (starts singing Santa Claus is coming to town)

Have you ever been on the naughty list?

H: Uh, no.

Baby Dinosaur:  No!

E:  No because I'm so happy!

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

H: Because it was the first day of Christmas there was a woman and a man who had a baby prince named Jesus and then also after that was done a long time later there was another baby when he grew up that is how we had Santa Claus....he finds all the friends and first he finds magic corn that feeds reindeer and the reason he gives gifts is he was a toymaker with some elves and that's all. 

Eli:  Cause Santa came! 

Baby Dinosaur:  What I want for Christmas is my own blue toy dinosaur! 

What are you most excited for this Christmas?

H:  Being with my family and getting gifts and giving gifts. 

E:  Cause Santa gives me all gifts. 

Baby Dinosaur: I want to get a dinosaur train set cause my other one is broken.  

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

hannah broke her arm!

Last Friday, about 5 minutes from the end of the last recess of the last day before Christmas break, Hannah slipped from the monkey bars and landed on her hand. 

The result:


Not the best picture, but she got what is called a colles fracture – when the arm breaks right where it meets the wrist. 

Major ouch.

Hannah and I spent about 6.5 hours at the ER on Friday. 

Super fun.

She was a trooper though.

A nurse brought her a stuffed elephant and these:


The worst parts for me was when I picked her up at school and felt her arm through her sweat shirt and realized it was not the normal shape it should be, when I called my husband to tell him we were on our way to the ER, and when I had to watch the doctor put her bones back in place (which Hannah was not awake for). 

I think Hannah’s worst parts were the pain from the break and having to get an IV.  She did not like that one bit! 

Her arm is in a splint for 2-3 weeks then we will move to a regular cast. 

Hannah is thinking pink is a good cast color. 

And we definitely won’t let this dampen our holidays!


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

showing the love–outtakes

I have to call these outtakes because not one of them turned out as a good “sibling” shot…but it was fun to try!






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Monday, December 19, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Picture with Santa

Hanna & Eli Milnes. Portraits with Santa. 2011 Holiday Port Festival, Bellingham, WA. © 2011 Mark Turner

The only reason mom and dad are in this picture is sitting on my lap!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eli’s christmas outfit



He loved it so much he wore it on Thanksgiving…and to bed Thanksgiving night….and to the grocery store….

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

fast break

Here are some pictures from Hannah’s first basketball game a couple weeks ago. 

If you haven’t watched a bunch of little kids play a basketball game you must add it to your to do list!






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Monday, November 21, 2011

Not just any Monday

Today is my birthday. 

I'm 38.

But I'm pretty sure I don't look a day over 37. 

Not sure what we are doing tonight.  But my kids assure me there are plans.  I've even gotten a couple hints.  But so far they are pretty good at keeping secrets. 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pictures from Halloween

Better late than never!  Smile







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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hannah’s kindergarten picture


She is looking so grown up!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

a few Pictures from the past couple weeks

Batman and his Batmobile:  keeping our garage safe.


Halloween lights:  2010: Big box 2011: Smaller box (and much higher price!). 


Hannah pretending to be in a wheelchair (and Fireman Eli smiling!!). 


Lunch failure.


Lunch success!!


Sixth tooth lost!


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hannah’s 6th birthday

I’m only about 2 weeks late in posting this!  I seem to be in a bit of a blog reading/blog posting rut lately. But I’m sure that is only because I have been super busy with life and not at all lazy

Hannah wanted to have a Kidz Bop/Rock Star themed birthday party to ring in her 6th year and that is exactly what she got! 





And of course who better to represent her than “momager” mom and “MC/bodyguard” dad. 



We had a wonderful evening of music, karaoke, cake, presents, and most importantly friends and family! 



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