Wednesday, September 29, 2010

say goodbye to # two!


Hannah let me pull lost her second tooth!  It came out on Monday, BUT she wanted to be the one to tell people in person so I had to wait a couple days to post this. 


The things we do for our kids. 

This is a very cute look on her, but I can already see her two (sob) adult teeth coming up so the gap may not be there for very long.


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A colorful face

Macy, Hannah, and I went shopping at Nordstrom towards the end of July. 

Hannah was a trooper, but she did get a little bored here and there.

Fortunately a nice lady at the kids counter gave Hannah a toy phone to play with while we shopped.

Only it wasn’t a toy phone.

It was makeup disguised as a toy phone!


At first I did try to discourage her, but we were in the shoe department and it was taking a long time, so I finally gave up and let her just “put on a little bit more”. 

Over and over again.

She thought she looked awesome!  She loved it, and many fellow shoppers agreed (at least that is what I told myself their expressions were saying). 

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Monday, September 27, 2010



Hi.  We’re Hannah and Eli.


This past weekend our daddy drove us to Eastern Washington.

All by himself! 

Mommy stayed home.  Daddy said something about mommy needing a break, but whatever….we let her take breaks all the time! 

We got to drive to Spokane which is like a LONG WAYS AWAY (6 hr drive). 

Our mommy let us bring lots of movies, but we just watched the same one over and over again. 

Friday night daddy drove us to Ellensburg to spend the night, and then on Saturday we got to go SWIMMING in the hotel pool.

Are we lucky or what?

THEN we drove the rest of the way to Spokane.  You see, our cousin Jackson was having his FIRST birthday and we thought we would go and party with him!

But first a pit stop.

No Eastern Washington road trip with daddy is complete without a stop at a winery!


After we got to our Cousin Jackson and Carter’s house, we got to play until it was time to celebrate!!


Isn’t he cute?


He got some really cool presents!  Like, we always wanted one of these!!


Eli got a little upset after the Cougars lost to USC, but I told him not to worry too much – they lose a lot these days.  But daddy says they try real hard!


I don’t know what this Geo Trax stuff is but it’s TOTALLY going on our Christmas list!


Here we are hanging out with Carter a little before our 6 hour drive home! 


Mommy looked so refreshed when we got home!  If you want to know what she was up to, click here.

Hannah and Eli

Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

going, going, gone!

Hannah officially lost her first tooth last night!

Here she is a few days before the big event, if you look close you can see one of the bottom front teeth is definitely a little crooked.


I suspected she might start losing her teeth a tad on the early side.  After all, her first tooth made its appearance when she was only 3 months old:


Can’t see it but trust me, it was there!


Such a cute baby!  But anyways, I digress….

We could tell last night that the tooth was ready to come out, it was very loose.  I managed to talk her into letting me give it one more yank and out it came!  She said it only hurt for a second “just like a shot, mom.”. 

And here it is, the money shot:

Hannah's first lost tooth!

Literally as that tooth cost us $2.

I mean, it cost the TOOTH FAIRY $2. 

She’ll totally pay us back. 

Here she is today, showing off the gap:


That other bottom tooth is looking awfully lonely down there – but since it’s loose I imagine it will be tucked away under her pillow very soon. 

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Friday, September 17, 2010







Photos taken by: Alyssa Brown Photography

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

he hearts his changing pad

My son has developed a rather unusual relationship with his diaper changing pad. 

Not the cover mind you, he removes that immediately.  Just the pad. 

He puts it on the floor so he can sit on it for stories, then he will place it in his crib at sleep times so he can lay on it. 

He’ll drag it downstairs.

He once put it on his chair in the dining room and tried to sit on it during dinner. 

And he won’t say no to a photo op with his BFF.


IMG_4233 IMG_4231 IMG_4236

Seems a little strange to me but I try to just be a go with the flow kind of mom……and I’m SURE he’ll grow out of it.  And if not, it is going in the trash as soon as we are done with diapers! :)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A busy 5 days….

We just wrapped up a 5-day visit with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew.  They make an effort to come up to see us at least 3 or 4 times a year, and we always have a good time (plus my sister willingly does at least half my housework for me so I appreciate that too, especially since she won’t take “no” for an answer!). 

Some highlights from their visit:

A trip to our local museum to visit the Family Interactive Gallery where we were able to play:


IMG_4098 This is Eli’s back.



And if that wasn’t exciting enough, afterwards we went into the art room and worked on a little bubble wrap painting project!




IMG_4146 IMG_4150 IMG_4149

After we colored and painted it was time to flip the bubble wrap and stomp all over it!


All done:


On Saturday we visited a local apple orchard.  Hannah decided she needed a farm outfit.  The hat was apparently the closest she could come to a farmer’s hat, but they do have farms in Mexico right?



Signs of fall abound at an apple orchard:




IMG_4228 IMG_4220


We also had some wonderful meals out and plenty of play time!  Thanks Jason, Jaime, and Jacob (AKA the 3’J’s) for a wonderful visit!  I’d tell you to come back soon but I know you will! :)

I will try to catch up with all my blogger friends soon – I know I am way behind with most of your posts!!

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