Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hannah is answering your questions

Did you think we forgot??  :)

My Name is PJ asks:

I'd like to ask Hannah what her favorite colors are and if she picks out her clothes every morning or if her mommy does? 

My favorite clothes are my pink kitty shirt, pink shorts, and pink pants.  Sometimes I pick them out, sometimes mom, sometimes Macy when she’s here, and sometimes dad”. 

 Blue Violet asks:

What does Hannah want to be when she grows up?

I want to be a football player cake maker!”.

Wife.Mom.Nurse asks:

Did you get a special treat at the dentist office?

Yes!  I got a little doggie that I got to pick out using a coin they give us at the dentist to put in a machine!  And I got a flosser!!”.

Otin asks:

Does Hannah want to be a model?

Maybe a little one”

Annie asks:

What is your favorite game, tv show and cartoon?

“My favorite game is EVERYTHING, my favorite show is EVERYTHING and my favorite cartoon is EVERYTHING – ALL OF THEM!”

Helene, or rather her daughter, asks:

 What is Hannah's favorite book is...oh and she also wants to know if Hannah likes Hannah Montana (you know, since they share the same name...LOL)

I like ALL of the books!!  I’ve never seen Hannah Montana, but I like then name.  Can that be my nickname??”

J.J. asks:

What is your favorite movie?:

“They all are!”

Mom to Kaishon and the resourceful Together We Save ask:

What is Hannah’s favorite supper? 


The Blonde Duck asks:

Does Hannah prefer to be a ladybug, a princess, or a butterfly?

A butterfly because I like the colors!”

Lisa asks:

What is your favorite pose?

THIS particular question can only be answered visually, and Hannah just couldn’t pick ONE.  :)

IMG_2205 IMG_2199_edited-1 IMG_2209_edited-1

IMG_2225_edited-1 IMG_2230_edited-1 IMG_2211_edited-1

IMG_2223_edited-1 IMG_2227_edited-1 IMG_2233_edited-1


(I’ll stop now, but I can assure you there were even MORE favorite poses). 

 Roxy asks:

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

“Rainbow sherbet!”

 Tracy asks:

What is your favorite game to play?

“X-O” (she means tic tac toe)

 Pinkie asks:

What is your favorite character?


Lynn asks:

How do your kids feel about having such an incredible loving (and hot) momma?

“I just feel super duper double good!”

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching up

It has been a week since we got home from Vegas, and I feel like I am STILL catching up on everything!  Granted, I haven’t tried very hard to catch up, which I attribute to a severe case of I’m tireditis. 

I have a ton of blogs to visit – sorry I have not been making the rounds!  Today I am avoiding the internet as much as possible because my husband and I have not watched Lost yet and I don’t want to see any spoilers!!!  We are going to watch tonight! 

Back to Vegas, we had a great time.  We went with 2 other couples who live in our neighborhood.  Mickey and I stayed at the Encore hotel, which is part of the Wynn.  We had lots of fun and can’t wait to go back again.  We saw one show – Le Reve, and it was amazing (although like Lost I was confused by the plot so I didn’t try to think about it too much). 

In the week since we have been back:

1) We have caught up on sleep.


2) We’ve gone to a parade (the Junior Ski to Sea parade, Hannah “marched” but she was pretty tired out by the time she got to us (which was toward the beginning!)



IMG_2734 IMG_2741


3) We have gone to a t-ball game (if you haven’t watched 3 & 4 year olds play t-ball you are missing out!).


IMG_2411 IMG_2389 IMG_2414

IMG_2384 IMG_2416 IMG_2431 IMG_2426

4) I got bangs!


5) We painted toes (these are Hannah’s). 


6) Eli got a shiner


A side about Eli  - he is just talking more and more (finally!).  I feel like we hear new words every day!

And he even “tells” us how hold he is!


Look forward to catching up with the rest of you very soon!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 days

3 nights.




Guess where my husband and I are heading?










Vegas, baby!

The kids are in very capable hands until we get back.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

three more a’s to some Q’s

I realized that I inadvertently left Annie from Santiago Twin Girls off my last Q&A post, so sorry Annie! 

Annie asked:

What is your beauty routine?

AM: I usually workout first thing in the morning, then brush teeth, shower, moisturize (SPF protection is a must), put on make up, and dry/flat iron my hair.  The only time I don’t do my hair or put on make up is if I am sick.  I even do it if I have no idea if I am going anywhere that day.  It just makes me feel better, although when the afternoon rolls around I am more than ready to take it all off if I am in for the rest of the day. 

PM:  Floss, brush teeth, wash face, apply night eye and facial creams, brush hair, put in night guard (yes, I am a teeth grinder).  I usually do this when we are getting the kids ready for bed because I never want to do it all when it’s my actual bedtime!   Except I don’t put the night guard in until bedtime cuth I thalk funny wif it in. 

Are you afraid of something?

I am afraid of just about everything, unfortunately.  Never, ever hide in my closet!

How do you describe yourself?

Tall, blonde, and not so model thin.  Most of the time I am very happy with how I look and feel.  :)

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Monday, May 10, 2010

answering your questions

Happy Monday!!

Thank you so much for all your questions!  These were a lot of fun to answer, and to the one smartass out there – well, you know who you are and I love you anyways! :)

Here are the answers to my questions – I hope I didn’t miss any.  Hannah’s will be posted in a separate post after I get done interviewing her. 


Daddy M (aka my husband) asks:

“What’s for dinner?”

And my answer to this always is: “You’ll eat it and you’ll LIKE it!”. :)

Connie at The Young and the Relentless asks:

“What’s your favorite fashion trend for spring?”

Great question!  I am loving ruffles (but not too many) and asymmetrical lines in my tops this year!

Brian at waystationone asks:

“You always seem to capture amazing pics...what do you look for before you snap?”

Aw, thanks.  The main thing for me is great lighting, if the sun is out and bright I love to start snapping pics. 

Beth at Manic Mother asks:

“What you like most and least about being a mom?”

What I like the most is just watching these little souls grow and develop.  They amaze me every day.

What I like the least is dealing with the anxiety that is always there – the worries and “what if’s”. 

Julie at Wife.Mom.Nurse asks:

“If you could travel anywhere in the world, and money is not an object, where would you go?”

I would go to New York City and stay in the best hotels and dine at the best restaurants and I would see every single show on Broadway.  And shop, shop, shop. 

Molly at I’m a Sleeper Baker asks:

“Is Jacob from Lost good, or evil?”

I think he is good, but I think we will know more very soon!  After all there are only a few episodes left…

Sara at Domestically Challenged asks:

“How do you feel about peanut butter?”

I love it so much I used to ask Santa to put a jar in my stocking for Christmas.

Santa rules. 

Katie Lane and Sunshine and Bubblegum asks:

“Can I ask you for a $1000. Would that count??”

Sure, after all I said you could ASK me anything.  :) 

J.J. at I’d Rather be Laughing asks:

“What is your favorite movie”


“If you could start a business...with money begin no object, what would it be?”

I have a lot of favorite movies.  Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn version), The Princess Bride, The Last of the Mohicans, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Bourne Movies… 

If I could start a business it would involve fashion – designing my own line of clothes, shoes, and handbags sounds perfect to me (although first I need to go to fashion design school). 

Heather Oz at Oswald Cuties asks:

“How do you manage blogging and reading blogs? Do you visit every blog that leaves you a comment? Do you email back to every comment?”

I do the best I can.  Some days that means I get around to visiting everyone and leaving comments and some days that means I have to skip a lot of posts.  But I always try to visit(and comment) on my favorites and/or my own consistent blog visitors (and comment leavers). 

I do not reply to every comment.  I do not always visit every blog that leaves a comment, but if they come back again I will usually go check them out.  I try to be polite, but realistic…blogging is time consuming and sometimes I have no time to consume.  Allowing myself to no longer feel the pressure to keep up has been such a relief!

The Blonde Duck asks:

“What's your favorite childhood food you love to indulge in?”

Peanut butter.

“And what's your favorite dessert?”

Cake and ice cream.  Just about any kind as long as it’s together and a good match.

“Favorite pie?”

Lemon meringue!!!

Roxy at Motivating Mommies asks:

“What is the best trait about your husband?”

That he has great taste in (a) woman!!  :)  My husband has many awesome traits, but one of his best is just how great he is with and around kids and how willing he always is to help out, even if he has had a looong day at the office.

Tracy at Welcome to Our World asks:

“What is your favorite tv show, book, hobby, etc?”

My favorite TV show is LOST and I don’t care that I totally don’t understand it.  It is riveting! 

I do not have many hobbies so I have to pick working out and blogging.  Oh, and reading, cooking, and eating, and anything WINE. 

Debi at Who Says 8 is Enough asks:

“If you could go back and live in any time period, which would it be and why?”

This question is stumping me the most!  There are so many time periods I would like to EXPERIENCE, but I’m not sure how long I’d want to live in them.  I would definitely like to visit the 1800’s and see how long I’d last in a corset and hoop skirt.   Probably because I read far to many romance novels when I was younger. 

Pinkie at Pinkie and the Bean asks:

“My question for you is I know you're on Goodreads, so what is the latest book that you've read and would recommend?”

I have read two great books this year.  A couple weeks ago I finished The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  I had no idea what it was about, I just saw in on the best seller list week after week after week and finally decided I needed to read it.  Wonderful book.

I also loved the memoir The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. 

Tesa at 2 Wired 2 Tired asks:

“Why did you start blogging?”

I have a photo blog of the kids that I used to update family, and when I saw this fascinating thing called blogger and how cool it was I just had to get on board.

Megan at Infertile Myrtle asks:

“We're about an hour or so from each other. Are we ever gonna meet? ;0)”

 I hope so!  :)

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

You made me love you

Nicoles Graduation June 2009 156
For everything you do, for everything you are, for loving me. 

Happy, Happy, Birthday.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

because kisses and hugs are special…

Thursday was an exciting day at Hannah’s preschool.

The last 45 minutes of class the mommies were invited to join their child for some snacks and fun. 

When I got there, Hannah was sitting at the table, waiting.  She looked so excited and proud.  It was too cute. 

This was sitting at our place at the table:


First, we had snacks.


Then it was time for the show.  The preschoolers lined up and sang a couple songs to all the moms. 



Then, we all got to open our presents.


It’s a planter and it’s not as fuzzy at it appears in this photo. :)

Then we were done and had time to hang out, plant our flower, and check out the portraits each child had drawn of their mom. 




A couple of my other favorites (hopefully you can read the text):

IMG_2357 IMG_2358

What a special early Mother’s Day for me. 


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