Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Our dog is in for his lumpectomy this morning.  I just talked to my husband and the dog is going to be at the vet all day.  Baxter will have a 5-6 inch gash on his leg when he gets home and we will have to keep him from licking the wound (hello, lamp shade head) and being too active (hello, painkillers). 

And while he’s under might as well clean the teeth too.  Neither of us thought to ask the vet how much this is going to cost, so guess we will have another surprise waiting for us when we pick him up! 

But the important thing is getting the lump out and recuperating our dog.  Just thought I would post an update. 

Happy Wednesday!

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wordless wednesday: a willing subject


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Monday, April 27, 2009

the pets in our life


Like my daughter’s “pet”? 


She does too.  Or at least, it was her fave on this particular day (note my children’s proximity to the “dog” bed). 

I believe this animal is a “mouse”.

I KNOW it started life as a cat toy.  Purchased one day when my husband thought our cat was being particularly playful and figured maybe she would love some toys to bat around. 

She’d rather bat fallen cheerios from the highchair around the room than associate with “cat toys”.  

But we tried.

And now it is a “pet” for Hannah.  First a hamster.  Now she is calling it a “mole”. 

She has named it Coupon from the get go and has pretty much stayed with that name. 


In other news, we found out on Saturday that our dog has a small tumor on his leg.  The vet said it is cancerous and it will need to be removed. 

But they also said it is likely a low “grade” of cancer.  Hopefully nothing that we will need to worry about for a long time, if at all. 

We are not sure how old Baxter is.  When we adopted him they said he was probably 2 or 3, but we think he was likely a little older than that.  So we are guessing he is 9-10 ish.  He acts very young and playful at times, but at other times seems old and crotchety. 

Kind of like me.  :-)


Picture 057

The above pictures were taken shortly after we got him.  He would almost always turn his head when you took a picture.  Still does, although we get a little more cooperation now. 


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

random picture challenge 11.0


8th folder - July
25th picture
{if you don't have this far back pick the next closest year}



So the closest folder I could find was Sept. 2003.  I was taking pictures of our new house.  This picture was the 25th.  Clearly, this is not a house.  We got our cat Tawny in November of 2003 and I must have taken a bunch of her and added the to our new house folder. 

If you want to play visit 4 Little Men.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aloha friday #9


Welcome to Aloha Friday! If you want to play along visit An Island Life.

My previous poll asked what your least favorite chore was (cleaning bathrooms won hands down). So, this week I want to know:

What is your favorite around the house “chore”?

I think my favorite is vacuuming. It doesn’t take very long and it always makes a noticeable difference!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random picture challenge 10.0


APRIL 2008
13th folder
42nd picture or 4th if you don't have that many


Here, my daughter enjoys her DQ sundae while visiting us at the hospital (I had just had my son).

If you want to play along, visit 4 Little Men.

Happy Saturday!!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Aloha Friday #8


Welcome to Aloha Friday!  If you want to play along, visit An Island Life.

Here is my question:

What is something in your life that you wish you did more often?

I wish I called friends and family more often to connect with them “in person” rather than relying on email or Facebook (or my blog!). 

Please leave your answer in my comments – I look forward to reading your responses!! 

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A beautiful spring day



It has been a pretty beautiful week in the Pacific Northwest.

Which means we get to go outside and play!


Hannah enjoyed blowing bubbles.

And Eli enjoyed watching them.


He is at the stage where he’ll just sit on the blanket because he doesn’t quite know what to make of the grass.

It’s a nice stage.


I told Hannah I would blow extra bubbles if she took a nice picture with her brother.  This is the best I got.  At least they are both looking in the same direction.


The dog was thrilled. 

It was a lovely afternoon.

Oh, and Eli had something he wanted to share with you all…


His “my dad is rad” shirt must be in the wash!  ;-) 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 Things…

Valerie at It’s a Wonderful Life tagged me to play along, so here are my lists of “8 Things”!

8 things I'm looking forward to..
1. Warm weather

2. Seeing my son take his first steps

3. My step-daughter coming to stay this summer

4. Dinner.  I’m hungry!

5. Seeing some of my friends soon

6. The season finale of Lost

7. The new Star Trek movie (don’t laugh!)

8. A clean house (someday……)

8 things I did yesterday (in random order)...
1. Gave my kids a bath

2. Went to the park

3. Made dinner

4. Exercised

5. Watched Heroes

6. Finished the Twilight series book “Eclipse”.  It was so-so.

7. Played pretend with my daughter

8. Tucked my kids in for the night

8 things I wish I could do...
1. Keep my house free of dust

2. Go back to Hawaii!

3. Be more organized

4. Eat whatever I want without worrying about calories!!

5. Go on a trip with my husband – just the two of us.  A girl can dream!   :-)

6. Stop worrying so much

7. Be invisible

8. Keep my house clean and tidy.  But alas, that actually involves cleaning and tidying, something I don’t do nearly often enough!

8 shows I watch...
1. Lost

2. The Office

3. Ugly Betty

4. Heroes

5. 30 Rock

6. Rescue Me

7. My Life On the D List

8. House Hunters

8 people I tag....

Nobody!  Feel free to play along if you like!!

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wordless wednesday






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Monday, April 13, 2009

We had a nice easter.



And another birthday cake for Eli and our nephew Dylan.


And more wonderful gifts…..


Like this one.


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You can have your cake…





And demolish it too………





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