Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hawaii: day four

Another beautiful morning – perfect for our daily trek to the beach.


That morning my sister and I got massages near the beach (in that little white hut below).


After lunch we tried to get Eli down for a nap so he would hopefully be bright and perky for an afternoon photo shoot. 

It worked.


Time to get ready for our pictures!


My grandmother didn’t know that we had hired a photographer to take shots of the group.  In this picture she is waiting, wondering what was going on, shortly before we told her. 


She was very touched.

Then we all headed outside for the shot. 

Or shots I might say. 

Many pictures were taken – both by the photographer and by each other. 

Here is my family waiting, while the photographer sets up:


And the kids, practicing their poses:

Cutie pie

“How you doin?”




My mom and her mom…


And we even attempted a shot of grandma with all the great-grandchildren.

This was towards the end of the photo shoot. 

Kids were tired.

Bribes were made. 

But still hard to get “the” shot. 


Grandma – You look fabulous!


After the pictures, time to head on the shuttle to a sister hotel for the luau!


How many pictures of Mai Tai’s can I take?

Apparently, a lot.


Father and daughter.


This was about all Eli saw of the show.  He fell asleep before it began and slept through the entire event even though he was in the front row!


Hannah could not wait to go up on stage!  She kept asking if it was time.  Then she got her big chance…




Hannah was thrilled with her stage debut, but she didn’t like the guy who spit fire during the show!


I think Hannah is wondering why these women were just wearing bras! 


Time to head back to the hotel and crash…..

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Anonymous said...

You got a massage by the beach??!?! SOOOOO jealous!

And the photo shoot was an awesome idea! said...

Holy Hawaii - this looks like an amazing trip! said...

What wonderful pix! Looks like everyone had a great time!!!!

pam said...

I love the photo shoot. Everyone in their shirts are so cute. Looks like it was another great day enjoying sun and family.

Three Js said...

Love how you can see Jacob's undies peeking through as he grabs onto his shorts on stage!

Cathy said...

Your grandmother looks very hip! Love the shot of her in front of the tree. And, I loved the shot of little Eli after his nap....priceless!

sues2u2 said...

Your trip looks like it was lovely. And I think that has got to be one of the best ways to celebrate such a milestone! My grandma is 92 & she would love that too. Might have to suggest that!

Anonymous said...

It all looks so incredibly fabulous! You know, Eli is your spitting image!

Julie said...

Your pics are awesome! So jealous!!

Pink Monkey said...

Great photos. I love the one of the fire dancer flashing his "shaka." I'm officially missing Hawaii now.

Megan said...

Right when I was trying to reply to this last night my internet decided to disconnect. Grr!

What I said was...

I LOVE all your matching shirts / outfits. And what a special thing for you all do do for your grandma. I bet it was just awesome for her to have so much family there AND get pictures professionally done of it.

Looks like it was a great day! =)