Friday, April 3, 2009

Hawaii: the rest of the trip

The second half of our trip was not documented with as many photos, so here is a summary of the rest of the trip. 

We took a rare morning off from the beach to drive to Hilo.

As soon as we got there the sunny skies turned into torrential downpours. 

Hannah had a massive meltdown.

It was lots of fun. 

I bought some soap. 

We had lunch.

We went home.

But on the way home we stopped here to check out the view:


It was very nice.


On another evening we were driving to dinner and  happened across a pack of wild sheep eating snacking on the golf course green. 

Wild Hawaii Sheep...on the golf course IMG_2968

We had a final group dinner together at Tommy Bahamas.





Here is Eli, “waving” to everyone. 


We sang Happy Birthday twice to my grandma and once to my cousin that night.  Every time we finished Hannah took it upon herself to go up to them, give them a hug and a kiss, and wish them a “Happy Birthday”. 


I had pie for dessert. 

Key Lime.


On the final day I remembered to document Eli’s “bedroom” for you all.  Our room had an extra bathroom and I thought it made for the perfect sleeping quarters for our son! 


Our last few days brought very gusty winds that kept us away from the sand-flying beach.  Of course, it was beautiful the day we had to go home. 


Through some bad timing on our parts, we barely made it through the airport lines in time.  If we hadn’t “cut” in the security line we would have missed our flight for sure.  So many thanks for my cousins for being in line and letting us “cut” in (and especially for the people behind them who allowed us to “cut” too). 

Now we are home and have lots of pictures and memories of our trip.

And of course, souvenirs.  

Luau Girl

We hope to go back next year.  Perhaps to Oahu or Maui. 

I am definitely NOT already looking at hotels.  :-)

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Three Js said...

Hey, let's start planning. What time of year, ya think??? said...

What a wonderful trip!!!

Love that bedroom for your baby! LOL!

Tobi said...

I'm mightily jealous! I'm glad your documented Hawaii so faithfully so the rest of us could visit too. =)

Julie said...

Love all your pics! They're fabulous! The crib in the bathroom cracks me up!

Dee said...

Umm..and I totally want that pie!

sandy said...

Now all I can think about is Key Lime Pie!
Great pics!

Megan said...

What a fantabulous vacation! I NEED to go to Hawaii. It's not a want. It's a NEED! ;0P