Monday, April 27, 2009

the pets in our life


Like my daughter’s “pet”? 


She does too.  Or at least, it was her fave on this particular day (note my children’s proximity to the “dog” bed). 

I believe this animal is a “mouse”.

I KNOW it started life as a cat toy.  Purchased one day when my husband thought our cat was being particularly playful and figured maybe she would love some toys to bat around. 

She’d rather bat fallen cheerios from the highchair around the room than associate with “cat toys”.  

But we tried.

And now it is a “pet” for Hannah.  First a hamster.  Now she is calling it a “mole”. 

She has named it Coupon from the get go and has pretty much stayed with that name. 


In other news, we found out on Saturday that our dog has a small tumor on his leg.  The vet said it is cancerous and it will need to be removed. 

But they also said it is likely a low “grade” of cancer.  Hopefully nothing that we will need to worry about for a long time, if at all. 

We are not sure how old Baxter is.  When we adopted him they said he was probably 2 or 3, but we think he was likely a little older than that.  So we are guessing he is 9-10 ish.  He acts very young and playful at times, but at other times seems old and crotchety. 

Kind of like me.  :-)


Picture 057

The above pictures were taken shortly after we got him.  He would almost always turn his head when you took a picture.  Still does, although we get a little more cooperation now. 


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Erin said...

AWW! OK.. I LOVE Coupon! LOL!
and Baxter, I hope he is ok!!!! Keep us all posted!

kel said...

Oh poor doggie!! Breaks my heart. He is precious! and my daughter has totally fallen in love with one of our dogs' toys before. Kids are weird.

Brittany and Charlie said...

Aw, well hopefully you get it removed and all will be fine!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love Coupon the Mole! I hope Baxter is ok!

Three Js said...

Love Coupon the wonder-"rodent!" How cute. I hope Bax is ok. He might be a little annoying at times (say, escaping from his leash numerous times!), but he is a very good doggie :-)

Jacob has been taking out his plastic spiders. He knows I don't like to even look at them, but he'll say "this one's a nice one, mommy" and put it on my leg. What, is this some sort of training in aversion therapy? LOL.

Sawatzky family said...

What a cutie!
Praying that everything works out for your sweet dog. :)

MommyAmy said...

Baxter looks like a total sweetheart! I really hope he's ok! When I saw his last picture I actually said, "Awwwww..." outloud!

Sherrie said...

Awww...sorry to hear that about Baxter. We adopted our dog from the pound, too, and we have no idea how old he is. We have a feeling he's older than we were thinking b/c he has much more gray now that he's been cut recently, and he's losing some hair. The vet says it is typical of old age.

Lovin' coupon as the name for the cat toy, too. And -- my oldest adopted some of the dog toys as his own back in his day. LOL!

Jennifer said...

What cuties! I certainly hope Baxter gets well soon and everything turns out okay but at least he and the cat get along. At least well enough to live indoors together. I shudder to think what would happen if we brought our dog inside to "play" with the cat!

Roxy said...

gotta love those brown eyes...hopefully Baxter will have a speedy recovery!
Glad to hear you've been keeping up with exercise...and that you're feeling BETTER! Have a great week!
Can't wait to hear about the date.

Julie said...

That's SO sad about your doggie. I'll be praying for him. He looks SOOOO sweet.

pam said...

Poor Baxter, he is the sweetest dog. I sure hope is going to be okay.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Sorry about your doggie! and? I sorta like Mole. Cute, small and easy to lose, right? said...

Gosh, I am so sorry about your dog.

We just had to put one of the mystery pets down because of a tumor.

It is so sad, they are such an important part of the family.

The Rambler said...


Great name for a pet :)