Thursday, April 16, 2009

A beautiful spring day



It has been a pretty beautiful week in the Pacific Northwest.

Which means we get to go outside and play!


Hannah enjoyed blowing bubbles.

And Eli enjoyed watching them.


He is at the stage where he’ll just sit on the blanket because he doesn’t quite know what to make of the grass.

It’s a nice stage.


I told Hannah I would blow extra bubbles if she took a nice picture with her brother.  This is the best I got.  At least they are both looking in the same direction.


The dog was thrilled. 

It was a lovely afternoon.

Oh, and Eli had something he wanted to share with you all…


His “my dad is rad” shirt must be in the wash!  ;-) 

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Three Js said...

So cute! The sun is out and we're ready to head to the park as soon as jacob wakes up!

Anonymous said...

You know your kids are absolutely beautiful, right?!

Anonymous said...

You could make money with those photo skills!

The Rambler said...

Great pics of the kids.

Laughed out LOUD when read the dad's shirt must be in the wash :)



pam said...

As always the cutest children in blogland!

Megan said...

Today was so nice! I loved it!

Looks like you guys had a fun time out in the sun!! So cute. =D

MamaJoss said...

I love the color of your son's hair...especially in the sunlight -- awesome!! Your daughter is a cutie patootie..she DID take a great photo for you :)

Roxy said...

LOVE the outside pics.What fun!!!
Can't wait for warmer weather!!!

Stacy said...

Your whole "It's a nice stage" line made me smile.

And I love the shirt.

Erin said...

beautiful children! cute dog! Makes me MISS the Northwest! It is still windy and chilly here!

Daddy M said...

In the wash? Right! Love the picture of him watching his big Sis

Cathy said...

Too cute!

We were lovin' the weather her in Oregon too! (it's raining today, though:( )

And I NEVER bribe my kids to get them to do things;)

BlogBaby said...

It's hard getting two small children to pose together, seriously HARD. Looks like a gorgeous day, can't believe your grass is so darn green, you should see MY yard...shutter...