Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almost 100%

I had a pretty good start to my week.  Back to the routine, getting up early, working out, catching up on blogs, etc.

Everything was derailed around 3:30 on Tuesday when I came down with the dreaded stomach bug my son had over the weekend.

And again, I have found myself reminded of 2 things:

1)  I do not like being sick.
2) If your daughter says she feels sick to her stomach, GET HER TO THE BATHROOM.

For, 2 hours after mom started feeling nauseated, darling daughter Hannah started complaining of the same symptoms.  Thinking she was "copying" me I kind of just ignored her and had put her in the car with dad and Eli to head out for some dinner which I was in no mood to be around. 

2 minutes later we are cleaning the car.


For Eli did the same thing on Friday.

My car doesn't smell so fresh right now.

But, thankfully we are feeling about 100% today.  Let the "catching up" begin!

I also wanted to say a giant "THANK YOU" to all of you that voted for me in the photo contest at Communal Global, and a special thank you to Queen Jeannie for even blogging about it!! 


Voting is STILL open today and tomorrow and you can vote daily - so feel free to head over here and vote for #7 if you wish!

Have a wonderful day.

Comments?  OFF.  Perhaps use the extra time, to, I don't know... vote???  :)

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