Monday, April 11, 2011

Eli’s coming…better hide your hearts!

Before I left for vacation last week

elliot 021

I spent a little too much time on Windows Live Movie Maker,

elliot 025

creating what I thought was a pretty darn good slide show to commemorate the third birthday of my son.


It had all  my favorite Eli pictures from the past 3 years.


And of course no slide show would be complete without the appropriate soundtrack,


I chose “Eli’s Coming” by Three Dog Night.  A song I was not at all familiar with until


both my mom and father-in-law sang it to me when they heard what we were naming our little guy. 


And now, naturally, it is a song I am VERY familiar with.


For the second song, I went with the one guaranteed to bring the tear (a must for all birthday boy blog posts at one time or another) “Beautiful Boy” by John Lennon.


It was awesome. 


Then it was time to save and upload to YouTube.  It took a while so I waited.


And waited.


And waited.


Finally it was done so I had to watch it one more time just to enjoy my handiwork.


It was all messed up.

The pictures I had meticulously put in a specific order were now out of order.


The music I had chosen was not audible.  I couldn’t hear a thing (and yes I checked my volume controls, many times!). 

Eli's Room Before 015_edited-1

What a bummer. 

But not the end of the world. 


Eli you are the cutest, sweetest boy and we love you like crazy.  We adore it when you tell us that “that does NOT make ME HAPPY!”.  Or “that makes me soooooo happy”.  We love when you come up and hug us and say “I love you”. 

I also love your take on potty training “I don’t need to use the potty mom.  It’s FINE.  I just go in my diaper!  It’s fine!!”. 

You are sensitive and kind, although you often show your “spirited side” too (gotta keep us on our toes after all). 

Today you are three. 

And that makes ME “sooooo happy”. 

We love you bud.

Happy Birthday.

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TUTU said...

GREAT job! He will be getting a late gift from TUTU. Somewhere down the road.

Brian Miller said...

aww...sorry it did not work...these pics are adorable...i hope he has a great birthday!

Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet and cute Eli. Hope his big day is super special and full of fun! Great pictures, too!

I'm Nicole: said...

Love this blog with all the pictures from the past three years :) Happy birthday to your little man, Eli!

Three Js said...

Even without a movie this was a great post. So fun to look at that cute little guy over the years. Hide your hearts, indeed! PS I have Eli's gift. Since I was going to bring it up it's not ready to be mailed. Hopefully he will get it if we come up sometime in the next 2 weeks :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

On my bucket list? Meeting that boy!!

blueviolet said...

Awwwww, he is one perfectly scrumptious little guy! Happy Birthday, Eli!

Norm said...

This is great! Happy birthday Eli!

Norm said...

"This is your birthday song, it isn't very long - Hey!"

Kaci said...

Awhh what a bummer about the slide show!! Happy 3rd Eli!! =)

Everytime I hear the name Eli I think of the poor nurse I yelled at when Elly was about 1 hour old...she called Elly, Eli and I said, "No Elly...she's a girl!!!!" With tears streaming down my face. My defense I had been up for over 36 hours and hungry. LOL! No excuse still I know. XOXO

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Eli!

James (SeattleDad) said...

Awww, great picture tribute.

Happy Birthday Eli!

Pinkie said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!!!

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest little redhead out there!

HeatherOz said...

He really is such a cute boy!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl I've done that several time sat there and worked forever and then NOTHING ... really I had a potty mouth that day.

You know I don't think I've heard taht song before, BUT loving their outfits! ROCK on!

I must admit the crazy hair one is MY fav! That look is priceless. Ok then the blue harry potter glasses rock!

Just adorable, Happy 3rd Birthday Eli :)

Bliss said...

what a cute baby who is turning into such a handsome little boy. The potty training comment cracks me up.

Little BGCG's Mommy said...

He gets cuter and cuter every year! :)