Friday, August 21, 2009

photo op

Lately my daughter has begun informing me when there is a great opportunity to take a picture. 

Of course, this never occurs when I actually have the camera out. 

That would be too easy.

But, not being one to deny myself a chance to get my daughter to happily smile in a shot, I willingly oblige. 

This first one was recently published in another post, but repeating here because I am proud to announce:


The bracelet is gone!  The bracelet is gone!

And by “gone”, I mean it is in her room as she felt she should save it so she can look at it and remember how much fun they had at the water park. 

But it is no longer on her wrist, hurray!

Here is a shot Hannah wanted me to take of her and our cat Tessie:


The cat looks less than thrilled.

What is special about this next photo request?  See it?


Ah yes, Hannah and the bird. 

“Take a picture of us mom!”. 

A baby bird crashed into our door stopped by for a visit last weekend.  He stayed for quite a while because he was stunned from hitting our house so hard  and Hannah enjoyed watching him.  After about 15 minutes the bird didn’t die  decided he was done visiting and was able to fly away and return to his nest. 


Sooo glad we didn’t have a birdie death on our hands!

And the most recent photo op request:


Hannah and her “seal” (it’s actually a manatee). 

Hope you all have a nice weekend, we are heading to our local county fair this evening.  And thanks to everyone on Facebook for all the wonderful fair food suggestions, although I think I am in for a tummy-ache if I actually try to eat it all!! 

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Cathy said...

Is that bracelet to a water park near Blaine by chance?! We're going there later this month!

Even if it isn't, she sure is a cutie.:)

blueviolet said...

I remember those constant take a picture of me requests. How can we resist?

She's adorable!

Megan said...

She is just too funny. Does she like you to take her picture so she can see it on the camera screen right away? My nephews always want to see right then what they look like. So cute!

Hurray! for the bracelet finding a new home. LOL

Have fun at the fair. Be sure to report back on what you actually consumed. ;0P

kailani said...

Adorable as she is, I can see why she wants her photo taken!

ModernMom said...

LOL She is too cute.
Glad the birdie didn't die! Not only would that have been too tragic to deal with but that is actually a sweet looking one. Not like the big black nasty that plowed not my sliding glass door. Shiver.

Three Js said...

Your little model :-)
Can't wait to see her and Eli soon (well, and you guys too )!

Brittany and Charlie said...

Thankfully she wants her picture taken, could be worse:) All super cute pictures and that bird looks unique vs your average pigeon or something. Cool!

Alicia W. said...

You do have the perfect little model for picture taking. That smile is contagious. Love it. said...

Love all of the pix. That was so funny that she didn't want that bracelet off.