Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hawaii: day one

How to break down a week long trip into a blog post when you took over 500 pictures on your camera? 

Not possible.

I took my notebook so I could journal about our days and come home with a nice remembrance of our trip that I could share with everyone.

I did not write one word.

Not one.

I captured the story with pictures instead. 

537 to be exact. 

Day One:  The Arrival



We arrived early afternoon, and the flight was mostly a success.  I don’t think too many passengers walked away saying “who WAS that screaming baby?”.  The screams were kept to a minimum.

Our flight landed in Kona, our first trip to the “Big Island”.  We collected our massive pile of luggage and picked up our rental mini-van car and we were off to the hotel!



Our view on the 30 minute drive mostly consisted of lots of old lava rocks.  The terrain is mostly black, and the rocks are littered with “graffiti”, created by taking white stones and spelling out words on the black rocks. Of course, realizing now that a picture of that might have been nice. 

The hotel is gorgeous. 

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before but this was not just a Mighty M family trip.  This trip was orchestrated by my grandmother and mostly planned and organized by my mom.  There were 27 of us there!  My grandmother (1), her children and spouses (9), their children and spouses (13), and their children (4)!

After we get settled into our room we go check out the pool!


My sister and her son enjoying the water, our hotel in the background.


My first Mai-Tai.


My sister trying to keep a handle on my water loving, have-no-fear, daughter.  




Time to head to a dinner out with the family.  All 26 of us (we won’t be 27 until day 2 as my step-daughter had a flight change she was unaware of and thus missed her original flight and had to arrive a day later).



By this point, it was nearly 10:00 Pacific Standard Time.  The kids were tired, but really did great and adjusted to the change very quickly. 

It’s possible more drinks were consumed.

After all, we were on vacation!



And after a long day of travelling and fun, we were all ready for bed. 

Especially Hannah who wanted some milk before bed.


What is on the agenda for day two:  A lot of relaxing and an airport pickup!

Stay tuned……

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Dee said...

Those pictures are GREAT! I wanna go next time! I'll make it 28!

pam said...

I am so excited to see you had pictures posted.

AWESOME!!! I love to see the water and the trees, and all those smiling faces. Enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

That must have been sooooooo fun!!! Wow! 27 of you! Fun!

Cathy said...

So glad you had a good time! Great pictures and I can't wait for day 2!

Anonymous said...

I would not have wanted to be the one organizing that vacation! Wow!

Three Js said...

Yay, finally photos. I sure miss it too! Wish I was back in that water with Hannah!

Roxy said...

HOW great to be with family...all the family in paradise. Hope your grandmother ENJOYED the trip!
Love the pictures...especially the new profile one!
now get back to EXERCISE!

Julie said...

Great pics! Trust me, 500 isn't much when it comes to Hawaii & family! :) Looking forward to seeing more!

Pink Monkey said...

Was that your first Mai Tai ever, or just the first one of the trip?

Megan said...

What an adventure with 26/27 of you!! I LOOOOVVVVEEEE your pictures!