Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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Welcome to Not Me! Monday, where we get to list everything we have not been doing lately. If you want to play along, please visit MckMama.

For starters, I did not just spend the past 5 minutes trying to insert a hyperlink into the above sentence. If I had, it would have definitely been the computer’s fault. I am smarter than the machine.

I did not eat any of my daughter’s cupcake.


I mean, why would I? It’s not like I have a great love for all things involving cake and frosting. It’s not like I had my own tasty Tiramisu dessert waiting for me. I do not have ANY willpower issues when it comes to desserts. Not me.

I did not have to take care of my sick daughter this week. I did not feel really helpless about her wanting to do nothing except rest on the couch.


And, if I were to have sat down to watch the end of “Beauty and the Beast” with her, I most certainly did not start to get teary eyed when the Beast transforms back into the Prince. I was sad because my daughter was sick, that’s all.

I did not decide that my son was ready to lose the toddler bathtub and just sit in the regular tub, like a (sniff, sniff) big boy. I do not want to face the fact that he is going to be ONE in April!


I did not enjoy my weekend with my sister and nephew visiting. My sister and I DID NOT get to go out to dinner by ourselves. But if we had, we would certainly DID NOT have a Bellini to drink. And I definitely DID NOT have 2!

What were you not up to last week?


Becca said...

Don not worry I do not cry at the end of beauty and the beast and I would not eat a cupcake intended for my daughter either.


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sandy said...

That cupcake looks delicious!

Three Js said...

Those bellinis were good stuff! Just think, maybe next time we have one we'll be in sunny Hawaii!

Natalie said...

Good thing you didn't eat that cupcake cuz it doesn't look delicious at all!

Happy NMM!

carma said...

ditto on the zero willpower :D

Dee said...

These kids grow up way too fast!!

And I wouldnt be able to resist some of that cupcake either!

Cathy said...

These babies DEFINITELY grow up too fast! I get emotional about it almost everyday!

...mmmm....I want a cupcake.

Anonymous said...

That cupcake looks divine! o.m.g.

Your baby is a sitter in the tubber now. Awwwwww

Kimberly said...

Okay, now I am going to have make cupcakes today! I mean how can I look at that delicious work of art and not totally want to gobble it all up?

Clair said...

I would never eat my children's desserts, not me, I am happy with my own dessert and never covet their yummy scrummy slightly tastier looking offerings. Not Me.

Anonymous said...

YUMMMM I wouldn't have eaten the cupcake either :P said...

I just love the picture of the bath fun.

I hope your little girl is on the mend.

Nope, I would NOT have eaten a cupcake (or 2) AND the Tiramisu either!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Tiramisu is my fave dessert!

Julie said...

Why do they grow up so fast?!?!?!

Rachel said...

I am totally all over that cupcake :) And I was so sad when my kiddo went to a regular tub! What sweet pictures!

Megan said...

I do NOT have a sweet tooth either.

I hope the little lady is feeling better now! And the little guys is too cute! =)

Sounds like a fun night out with your sister. Yay! =D

Kekibird said...

I did NOT go back and have a third slice of pizza last night and I did NOT have a fourth helping of cheesy breadsticks after.

Oh and I did NOT skip working out/yoga last night to cuddle with my little man who was warm and cozy in bed.