Friday, March 13, 2009

Travel Tips

I would love some ideas as to how to keep a 3-year old and an 11-month old occupied on a 6 hour flight!

If you have any ideas, or suggestions (other than "good luck with that") as to what has worked for you, please let me know! :-)


Anonymous said...

Last time I traveled with a baby about that age, she slept both ways on the plane to/from California!

Stacy said...

*Snacks! And more snacks.
*And fun new little toys/coloring stuff/stickers (for Hannah), etc... but taken out at different times throughout the flight. Don't give it all at once!
*An IPOD with some fun kids' songs on it.

I'll keep thinking... but that worked for us when we took Isaias (1 1/2), Isaac (2 almost 3), and Ella (4).

The Blonde Duck said...

Give them some yarn and aluminum foil. They'll be entertained for hours!

Anonymous said...

Get some little "new" toys that they aren't shown until the plane ride, like hot wheel cars and a coloring book.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about the kids you just want to make sure your husband is well rested on the flight. Make sure you have snacks for him and let him watch shows on his Ipod. said...

I looked this up recently for a friend and got some awesome ideas:

nesting cups
pipe cleaners
finger puppets

and one of my painters tape...sounded cool to me, they can stick it around and it cleans up easily

My kids were loud hysterical babies...when they were not being perfect. I avoided travel at all costs!

I know your kids are delightful, so have a fun time ")

Clair said...

The 3 year old might enjoy a "bingo" type game that they have to spot the things they see on their trip (plane, red suitcase, seatbelt,etc.) Give a sticker everytime they spot one!

Younger than that - erm, a sedative? seriously though we did loads of long journeys with little ones and found the smallest ones crashed out after an hour or so but otherwise it'll need to be peekaboo.

What about a song bag- things that represent differnt songs or a treasure bag- filled with textures and sounds (not sure how this would work with carry on luggage rules!)

Good Luck

Roxy said...

DVD's.... lots of disney movies, SNACKS, doddle can buy them at Target, maybe those Magic markers that don't have color except on the "paper" it's made for.
Of course there's always benadryl?