Monday, June 29, 2009

My Husband, the tri-athlete

The big day arrived.  My husband’s first triathlon. We were all anxious about the event, especially Hannah.


Getting ready for the swim to start.  Hannah and Macy are trying to locate Mickey.


And they’re off!  This is the first group of 5 and my husband is out there somewhere, although we didn’t realize it until he was getting out of the water.


A duck family wanted in on the action….


Eli clapped whenever the crowd did (which was a lot), cheering on the athletes. 


Heading out on his bike (red helmet).  Go Mickey, go!


And he’s back after only 5 minutes.  A FLAT TIRE!!! 


After a brief delay the bike portion of the race was completed.  Here he is coming back into the transition area (his other tire promptly blew when he jumped off the bike). 


And, finally, on the home stretch of the run. 


You did it! 


Congratulations!  We are very proud of you!!

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The Blonde Duck said...

I would have been distracted by my relatives in the lake.

Rachael said...

Wow, impressive! Congrats to your husband!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

That is AWESOME! Congratulations to your hubby... you have to be so proud of him!

LucieP said...

that is awesome!
The pics are great!!

Yaya said...

Wow! Good for your hubby! Holy cow!! A cutie AND muscles?? Woot Woot!

Dee said...

YAY!!! GOOOO Hubby!

Three Js said...

Go Mickey go! Nice photojournaling there, Teri! It makes me excited for mine coming up in just one month!

Megan said...

What an accomplishment! That's awesome! So glad his other tire didn't blow out till he got back. Yikes! Congrats to your hubs!

Wendy said...

Woooooo, go him! I always admire people who can do the triathalons. I can't imagine being able to do all those legs.

Love your little redhead -- I've got one of those! I used to think it was so strange and funny that women would get all funny when they'd see my son and run up and get all swoony and talk about how they have a redhead themselves. Now I'm one of those women. LOL.

Norman said...

That's awesome Mickey! Makes me want to try it!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

AwEsOmE! I want to try a triathalon next summer, except I pretty much bomb at swimming! ANd i am pretty sure a fish will bite my butt in the water. Very cool pics!

April said...

Yay Mighty Husband!!! But looking at those pictures makes me tired. He's a better man than I am. know what I mean...

blueviolet said...

He looks like he didn't even break a sweat either! Awesome!

Daddy M said...

Wow I got my own "blog". Thanks Honey! said...


I tell you, I really admire him. All of the preparation, the dedication, and the strength it takes to do something so physically intense!

Sorry about the glitches, but look at his face at the end...obviously a great experience!

Roxy said...

Way to go Mickey!!! And Way to GO TERRI...for taking care of the kiddos during ALL of the TRAINING!!
So are you in for next year?

Alicia W. said...

That is an awesome accomplishment. Way to go. :o)

Valerie said...

Oh wow good for him!! I could never have the stamina to do that! lol

Stacy said...

Wow! Impressive. I *so* would want to do the swimming leg but not so much the running or biking.

Good for him. So when are you going to join him, Teri?

Erin said...

GREAT PICS!!! I am envious! I Would love to do that one day.