Monday, November 23, 2009

the herbfarm

My weekend was wonderful. 

On Friday night we had a small celebration at home with the kids.

We had pizza.

And ice cream cake.


Cookies n cream, in case you’re wondering.


After we dropped the kids off at Grammy’s on Saturday we had a little bit of time to kill so my husband took me to Sephora. 

Ladies, he even WENT into the store with me (okay, he left for a while to go get us coffee, but still)! 

After that, finally, a little before 4:00 PM on Saturday he let me know what we were doing. 

I was not disappointed!

We dined at The Herbfarm Restaurant


9 courses.

6 wines.

4 hours.

Amazing experience!

The restaurant was very beautiful, but I only had my little point and shoot and nobody else was taking any pictures either so I just left the camera in the bag. 

We spent the night just across the way at The Willows Lodge.

The hotel was pet friendly:


Note the sign:


Our room:


IMG_9045 IMG_9054_edited-1 IMG_9070

IMG_9056_edited-1 IMG_9061_edited-1 IMG_9049



I’m keeping this one small because it looks a little grainy in a bigger size.   

This weekend has shot to the top of the list of the most wonderful, romantic things my husband has planned/done for me.

And the list is quite long.

I am so very blessed.

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Three Js said...

Wow! I've been waiting for these photos. You guys look awesome! Love the dress, and the suit on Daddy M. What a great way to ring in 36!!!

thatgirlblogs said...

he gets an A++ from me!

CGBG said...

You are one lucky lady! The hotel and restaurant sound/look amazing! Can you get your guy to talk to my guy?

Molly said...

you guys are so cute, Whatta Guy! I want to hear more about the food. And the wine. And a night away from the kids?! Bonus! Happy you had a marvelous time. : )

Anonymous said...


Cassie said...

How fabulous!

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday and great husband!

Sarah Brown said...

Sounds fabulous...and you look great!

blueviolet said...

Oh my gosh, how absolutely, utterly romantic! You are so very lucky!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

That looks wonderful! Good job to him!

Annie said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday.

Oh, that hotel is beautiful.

Your husband have A+.

Have a wonderful and blessing week

Helene said...

What a wonderful birthday surprise! Sounds like he put in some serious planning to make it this special for you!

I should have my hubby read this post...he could take a few lessons on romance from your husband!

Lee said...

Oh my GOSH.
I hope one day I have a husband that's that thoughtful! Looks like you had an amazing birthday!

Cass said...

I Love Love Love the Herb Farm...I hope you had a great menu choice! The Barking Frog is wonderful too if you ever get a chance.

Happy Birthday...

Julie said...

Awesome. What a wonderful husband.

The dinner and hotel sound amazing.

Happy Birthday one more time!



The Rambler said...


That sounds like a wonderful time!

9 course? How heavenly!

beenomom said...

Awww, by the looks of it, you had an amazing time! You are a very luck girl to have a husband so caring and thoughtful!! What nice memories for the two of you to keep!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome birthday!!! You and hubby look so good together and you look smashing in your new outfit. Happy times!

Tamela said...

WOW!!! That hotel room is amazing! What a wonderful hubby you have!! I can already tell you had an amazing birthday!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Sounds like you had the perfect romantic birthday! He did a wonderful job and I bet he swept you off your feet all over again. Happy belated bday!!

Katie Lane said...

Love the "mommy" on your cake - too cute!! That restaurant and lodge look so cool. I've never even had a four course meal, can't imagine what a 9 course meal would be like. You are a lucky girl :)

The Blonde Duck said...

That looks so cute! I love that hotel. 9 courses! Oh my God, I'd be in heaven. I'm so glad you had a good b-day!

Anonymous said...

I gave you an award over at my blog. Check it out!

Rachael said...

It sounds like a wonderful time! I have never been to The Herbfarm, used to live right near it, it sounds heavenly!

otin said...

Your daughter looks just like you, and trust me, that ain't too bad! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tamara said...

Oh wow!!!! How fun! The restaurant looks so cool, and the's beautiful. What a sweetie your husband is. :)

Wanna hear somethin weird? Our posts are scarily almost the same. lol My husband surprised me with a hotel getaway on Monday and when we went grocery shopping last night, he left halfway thru, not to get us coffee, but to surprise me with this very cool coffeemaker I've been wanting. LOL How funny is this!?!
Have an awesome Thanksgiving!!

Dee said...

oh wow! That is amazing and you look fantastic.

Now I want ice cream cake...

Zeemaid said...

wow looks and sounds wonderful!

How sweet of your hubby to plan such a romantic time away.

Miti said...

Wow!!! He did a great job! The Herbfarm sounds amazing!!! And the Willow Lodge looks so beautiful & romantic! So glad you had a great time. Happy 36th Birthday!!

(Looks like I was a little off, huh? But that's a good thing :o)

Megan said...

What an amazing birthday celebration your hubby put together for you!!! Happy belated Birthday!!