Sunday, June 6, 2010

8 days “alone”: a summary

Number of times someone was injured:


one eye scratch

one gashed forehead

one toe stepped on twice by a girl wearing tap shoes

one scraped shoulder

one bloody lip

one stubbed toe

two knee abrasions

countless band-aids

= 3 banged up family members.

Number of times I cooked dinner:


Number of times we went out to eat:


Number of days without rain:


One.  And that’s being generous.

Number of blogs I posted:


Number of times I heard “Mom, Eli hit me!”

82,513 (at least it felt like it).

Number of times the neighbors fed us:


Number of bottles of wine I opened:


Number of times I had wine someone else opened:


Number of times I let my kids sleep with me:

Zero, always zero. 

Number of new articles of clothing I bought:

Hey, my husband reads this, so I’m saying NONE (with fingers crossed). 

Number of times I skipped a workout:

Zero (I rule!).

Number of TV shows I watched:

One (Glee)

Number of dance dress rehearsals I had to attend:

Two (so worth it)





Number of times my husband called to see how we were doing:

ZERO (ahem,)

Number of fish my husband will bring home:

Zero (not sure about this whole catch and release thing)

Number of times I mowed the lawn:


Number of times I’ve mowed the lawn since 2005:


Number of times I deep cleaned, organized, crafted, learned, or did something very useful with my free time:

Zero (blogging rules!, Does mowing the lawn count?)

Number of times I had to talk to Hannah about how soon her sister is coming home for the summer:

I stopped counting after infinity.

Number of times I thought about how cute my kids are:


(Note: lawn freshly mowed by yours truly).

IMG_3018_edited-1 IMG_3019_edited-1

I rarely stop.

And to my darling, wonderful husband.  You have been missed.  I hope you had fun and sorry I can’t stay but I have plans, many, many plans.  Let’s try to meet up again in July shall we?  :) 

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blueviolet said...

So Hannah is excited about her summer sister, huh? :)

I can't believe you got away without cooking at all? You are a master mom!

Amy said...

Wow what a great day.. You will be gone until July? Have fun.. Loved all of this.. Have a great weekend.

Three Js said...

Hannah looks so cute in her costumes. Will we be seeing one of these at the show later this month? You've done a great job this week. That hubby better treat you to something nice (spa, anyone) next weekend! (I don't suppose we could do that the weekend I'm there...being father's day weekend AND Jason's birthday) :0 LOL

liz said...

i'm impressed by the number of times you cooked dinner! and she is SO cute in her 2 dance recital costumes!

Brian Miller said...

sounds like a good week...smiles. some great pics...i know i always say how did all the injuries happen?

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Cute list. I probably would have had more wine. haha.

Keeling said...

you are brave. I could not do it :)

Anonymous said...

Number of times I think you have adorable kids? Same answer as you!

You rule for not missing any workouts and bless you for surviving 8 days alone!

Dixiemom7 said...

You are amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog this week, it's really encouraging. I DO NOT envy your parenting alone this week+. I always hate doing that. I resort to chocolate (for me) and DVDs (for them.)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Hilarious post Teri! I loved it, and all the pics. No clothes huh? Let's stick to that!

Annie said...

Oh God, you are so funny. Thanks for make me laugh.

Natalie said...

No dinners? Awesome! But only one bottle of wine? I don't think I would've made it!

Anonymous said...

When I saw number of bottles of wine I opened was one I thought only one, but then I saw the next line!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

How did you not cook dinner and not go out? Scrounge dinners?

TUTU said...

Okay.. here is a comment. I want everyone out there to know that I think all my Grandkids are just about the cutest things around.. and that my daughter, Teri , does a great job of blogging and taking pictures of her two. I love to "swipe" them and put them where I can see them. My go to on bad days!

Jenny said...

Such a cute post!!! I love the = 3 banged up family members, I hear that!!!! They are sooo cute!!!!

TUTU said...

Okay.. I just did my first blog.. LOL..

debi9kids said...

LOVED this post!

Glad, if nothing else, you got to enjoy some wine and still managed to workout. You are awesome!

Bliss said...

Sounds like you rocked it to me! I just helped my neighbor out last night by taking her 2.5 yo boy for an hour, so she could put his little 9 month old sister down for a nap. Her husband is gone for a week and those 2 are such a hand full together. By themselves they are fine but together it is like an explosion, literally!

Dee said...

What a super cute little dancer you have!! Cute post

Anonymous said...

That really was an adorable post. I love the pics of your daughter in her ballet costumes...sooooo cute!!!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

HeatherOz said...

Way to go! Everyone survived and that is all that matters! LOL

Trac~ said...

LOL so glad you survived my friend! What is up with the hubster not calling in to check on the family though? I would have killed my hubby for that one! HA! Now, it is your turn - where are you heading for vacation?! LOL Have a great day my friend and thanks for the sweet comments on my furniture post yesterday. :o)

My name is PJ. said...

My favorite post of yours so far, Teri!

Queenie Jeannie said...


I think you take some of the best kiddo pics!! Congrats on mowing the lawn - do you rule!

Cassie said...

Lots of cuts & bruises definitely equals lots of wine consumption for mommy LOL. Great pics! Hannah is so adorable in her dance outfits!

MamaJoss said...

Only ONE bottle of WINE?? Girl you are superMOM!! Sounds like my weeks lately...hubby has been away on business SO MUCH...I'm thinking we might also see each other come July ;)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dance photos/costumes - she's sooo adorable! Oh and the last photo of your charmer on the slide with the sun - awesome.

Amy said...

thanks for stopping by again.. It is great to have you..

07_TeddyF_Silvey0 said...


Anonymous said...

I don't cook even when my husband is home, but it's really bad when he's not. I could eat cheese dip every night.

Lee said...

When my hubby is out of town, which is every week, I don't every cook for the kids. They each get to choose what they want on alternating nights. When he is home on the weekends, we go out. No wonder there is a weight issue!!

Jennifer said...

You have been VERY busy and the week's only half over! ;D

Connie Weiss said...

All in all....seems like a successful week. What's up with no fish being. Rought home? said...

What a SWEEEEET post :)

There are some good things about a honey being away :)

But it is always good to have them back :)

(It would have been great to hang out again and open a bottle of wine ;)