Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 1

UPDATED: So I just realized I wasn't quite following the rules when I posted the Random Picture Challenge. I was supposed to go to my August folder and pick the 30th picture! So, here it is. Another Hannah one - this time she is all ready to go to the beach with her Grammy for the weekend.


Hannah, Sept. 2006. I found this one as randomly as I could with my eyes shut...and occasionally peeking to make sure I was hitting a folder in my pictures. If you want to play along visit 4 Little Men.


sandy said...

Aww! That makes me miss our daily walks to the park in the summer:(

Lyndsay said...

That's so funny I just picked the 30th picture in my August folder, but I think you had it right with picking it with your eyes closed like she did.

Cute picture thanks for sharing!

blueviolet said...

What a terrific shot that was! Was it right before she kicked you in the stomach? I hope not!

Dee said...

LOL! Well both are cute pictures!

pam said...

She is a cutie, no matter when the picture was taken.