Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 50th Post!

My husband is out this evening losing money playing poker with some relatives, and I realized it is time for my 50th post!  So, I thought, why not write about 50 things you may not know about me.

But - 

Doesn’t that sound endlessly long? 

How about I try for 5? 

1) I was born in Honolulu.  At this hospital.


2) I am very tall.  Just shy of 6 feet.  And yes, I played basketball.  Or I should say, I TRIED to play basketball.

3) I got married in Las Vegas at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.  2003.


4) My husband is my best friend and just a fantastic father and partner.

And 2 out of 3 are happy, but it was cute so I had to roll with it. 


5) My step-daughter is 13 and lives in San Diego.  Which is so much closer than where she used to live (North Carolina).  She is currently wondering how I am liking the Twilight books.  And I think I’ll be in trouble if I don’t!  :-)


Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Megan said...

Cute pictures!! Congrats on 50 posts! =)

Hope your husband comes home with more money than he left with. lol

DomesticDivasFancy said...

Congrats on your 50th post. I love learning new things about bloggers I follow! said...

Congratulations on your 50th post - I really enjoyed it, a very nice idea, I may have to borrow it :)

Three Js said...

Hmm, so far only my family follows my blog (and very few of them-mostly just you!). Maybe you need to pass some tips along to me. Loved the photo of Tripler. Reminds me that Hawaii is not too far off! Talk to you later today? I hope Mickey isn't too "tired" (read: Hungover).

Norm said...

You have a witty flair for this I must say.

Roxy said...

Caught up on the last few posts...looks like you had a great the pictures of the kiddos...and the 5 random things...did remember the Hawaii picture...would have NEVER pictured you as tall...maybe because I'm so vertically challenged...stretching to 5'3".
Hope all is well!

Amy said...

I tagged you on a photo challenge.