Sunday, January 11, 2009

9 Months

To my little guy.
To my buddy.
To my baby.
To my Eli.

Today you are 9 months old. How amazingly quick the time is passing. It is so wonderful to be home with you and watch you grow. I am going to try to cherish my remaining baby time with you, even during those dreaded middle of the night wake-ups.

Thankfully, we are down to two.

I can tell already you are going to be into everything. I see it in your eyes. You want what you can't have and you want it bad. Hannah's dolls. Daddy's newspaper. Mommy's hair. I know I only have a matter of days, maybe a few weeks, until you get the hang of this crawling thing. I will no longer be able to put you down and know you'll be within a 2 foot radius of that spot when I retrieve you. Up with the baby gates. It will be time to watch you constantly, ready to pull you back when you go after something you want, but can't have. Like the dog.

Your teeth are, finally, coming in fast and furious. Soon you will be able to eat those little crackers that are currently only these fascinating small toys I put on your highchair tray when I need to buy me some time.

One thing that hasn't changed is your scream. Boy, can you ever scream. Experts that advocate letting your child cry it out at night must never had to experience a cry like yours. Nevertheless, your exasperated and exhausted parents have finally been letting you cry. And you are learning to get back to sleep all by yourself.

Today you are 9 months old. Today you are sleeping about 15 hours a day. Today your hair is still as red as can be. Today you are already wearing size 18 months. Today you will play, roll, and attempt your slightly bouncy crawl that usually results in a stomach landing. Today you will scream. Today you will laugh.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

But even as you grow just know you will always be my baby boy.

Love you, Buddy.


Three Js said...

Oh, that made me cry! I am having a particularly tough day with Jacob today and it reminded me again of when he was little and he didn't yet have the words to tell me his opinion about EVERYTHING. Thanks for reminding me how precious it all is! I will try to keep that in mind if we wakes up from his nap screaming (again). :-)

Stacy said...

OH... so sweet.
Happy 9 months, Eli!

TUTU said...

Very nice! And I do remember a little girl named Teri who used to have people running to hide from her scream :)!

Norm said...

That's very sweet!