Monday, October 12, 2009

chalk art

Take a couple of kids.

As always, these ones will do.


Add a sunny day and a box of chalk and you’ve got yourself some free time!

Of course, for me “free” time consisted of keeping kids in the driveway and chalk mostly out of mouths.


It was all fun and games until I had to save Hannah. 


IMG_7391_edited-1 IMG_7393_edited-1 IMG_7392_edited-1

As you can see she got trapped in a circle of chalk.

It was touch and go for a few moments, but I managed to get her out.

And she is ready to battle with the driveway!


And as for Eli,


Why use one piece of chalk when you can use ALL of the chalk?

IMG_7333 That’s better. 

“Now, what should I draw mom?”

“WAIT!  Look!!!”

IMG_7363 “A garbage can is MUCH cooler than chalk!”

IMG_7364 IMG_7365 IMG_7367

Now, let’s create!

IMG_7360_edited-1 IMG_7372 IMG_7342


Hannah’s cat:


My finishing touch:


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Bethany said...

I love playing with chalk- luckily, the kids at my school find it entertaining too! :)

Molly said...

ha! Those are great. I liked your circle idea....we got a set of that 3D sidewalk chalk, it actually works, pretty cool!

Daddy M said...

That really made my day coming home that after work! Love DaddyM

Three Js said...

Looks like great fun! Eli plays with chalk like Jacob did at that age :-0

Jennifer Bowen said...

What a fun time for the kids when they get to play with chalk! Great finishing touch. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's getting so big!

Great pics.

The 1 year old I nanny for likes to eat the chalk and they let the 5 year old chalk everywhere....all over the inside and outside of the house....

pam said...

What a beautiful day to be playing outside!

Lisa Anne said...

I love sidewalk chalk. It's so fun. Was that white chalk on your baby boys nose. LOL It's okay cause when I play with chalk it ends up all over my face and my clothes. LOl WHat can I say I really get into my sidewalk chalk!

Jennifer said...

LOVE chalk. It's the BEST invention for kids! You can use it just about anywhere, it comes right off and keeps the kids entertained for a while! This summer the kids drew everything from parking spaces for their bikes to tic-tac-toe. They drew on roads, sidewalks, foam, clothes, even furniture. Some of it I knew about. The furniture - not so much but it came off just the same so no biggie! I love this stuff!

Roxy said...

Looks like fun!! I don't even have any sidewalk chalk...need to get some of that!
GREAT pictures!
Hoping fall is going well!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Atleast someone is having a sunny day to go outside and have some fun! All it does is rain here:)

Tamela said...

I don't think you can ever grow out of having fun with chalk. It makes me wish I had a driveway!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Looks like fun. My kids love chalk too. Have you ever seen the chalk that sparkles? It's really neat makes the whole driveway glittery.

Too funny she was trapped in the circle!

blueviolet said...

I had to laugh at that little bitty bit of chalk on Eli's nose!

They're so cute!

Trac~ said...

Aww.... looks like they had a great time - too cute about getting "stuck" in the chalk circle! :o)

valentine said...

i have always loved chalk, except for that awful noise it makes sometimes. aggh, just thinking about it made me shiver.

優質行動網 said...
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Twincerely,Olga said...

AWw! Looks like they had fun! They are so adorable!!#7 about I used to be a man was an inside joke that popped in my head when I was thinking of things.I never was a man!LOLI think I am going to change that one!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Rub, rub, rub in the fact it was snowing here today. Sheesh!!

Pineapple Princess said...

What a fun activity! I forgot about sidewalk chalk!

Tamela said...

I have a surprise for you at my blog! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I like the picture of her thrusting the chalk at the camera like, "Da da da da!" said...

Four is so very cute. I am impressed that your little guy did not eat the chalk. Mine always did at that age :)