Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a confession

I have a confession to make.

Much like the military, up until now I have adhered to my own “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on the following subject regarding my daughter.

The pacifier. 

Or “paci” as she likes to call it. 

Yes, up until the day of her fourth birthday my daughter was still a proud (nighttime) paci user. 

When she turned three we made the rule that the paci could only be used at night. 

I refused to buy a new one and I secretly hoped it would tear or get lost so we would be forced to deal with the loss, get used to it, and move on.

No such luck.

Paci endured.


Her dentist said that she needed to be done with it when she was four.

We made sure my daughter knew that it was a BIG deal that she was turning four and that there was a lot of big girl things she was going to be able to do now.

For example,

Dressing herself.


And chewing bubble gum.


We were clear that she could not have bubble gum until the paci was gone. 

The morning of her fourth birthday she bounded down the stairs, paci in hand, and plopped it on the table (for the paci fairy to come and take away). 

I figured it would be best if the paci fairy came during the day instead of at night when she would be tired and more prone to wanting it back.

So on our way to lunch I lagged behind an extra few minutes to remove said paci and leave a gift and a pack of gum from the paci fairy. 

Worked like a charm.

Bedtime arrived and for the first night in her memory she was without her beloved pink friend. 

Fortunately she was exhausted from the busy weekend and she only cried for a little while and then she was out for the night. 

Not bad, not bad at all.

So far we have only had a few rough nights.  No crying at all (about the paci) but she just lays there, awake. 

Without her pink BFF she is just not sure how to go about going to sleep.

But she is learning, and we went from an almost 2.5 hour “awake after bedtime” lag to less than 30 minutes by Thursday night. 

Paci be gone.


But not forgotten.

We are committed to having Eli off the paci by 2. 

I’m sure that will go smoothly.



And that is my confession.

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Three Js said...

Funny how kids are so different that way. Jacob wasn't attached to bottles or pacifiers but has plenty of other bad habits :-) Gum is the way to go--I can get him to do just about anything with the promise of it!

Kimi said...

Weird how they become attached to things like that. My boys were all super attached to their pacis but my daughter isn't a fan.

Tamela said...

I'm glad the transition wasn't that bad. Maybe she just really wanted some gum from the paci fairy.

Good luck with Eli!

Samantha said...

I tried giving my daughter a paci when she was born, and she never showed any interest in at all. I wasn't disappointed though, because I've heard alot of stories of parents having a hard time weaning their kids off of the paci.

Something that was hard for us to do was wean my daughter off of apple juice to water. It didn't take too long for her to adjust, but she was a juice-a-holic...

Trac~ said...

LOL great way to get rid of the paci - luckily, my daughter was one of the FEW who decided after 9 months she did NOT like her paci and refused to take it anymore - of course this is the same child who potty trained herself by the time she was 2 yo too! HA! Good luck with the little guy! :o)

Kekibird said...

Oh yes, the Nini in our house. Luckily it was gone easily but up till then I was sure World War III would break out over the end of nini.

Anonymous said...

We're Paci Nazis at our house. We took our son's away when he was 9 or 10 months old. My daughter is 11 months old this week. We're going to take it away before she turns 1. She only needs it at night now, if that. Our doctor told us to take it away before 1 or we'd have hell to pay. This time I'm listening to her. Haha!

The Blonde Duck said...

My sister and I never took to them, so my parents lucked out.

Until my sister started biting furniture.

Jennifer Bowen said...

I never gave my kids pacifiers, so I was pretty lucky I didn't have to go through the weaning stage. It's great you're having much success with your daughter. I'm sure in a couple more weeks or less, she would have forgotten about it.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that last picture is precious!

Good job Paci Fairy!

Annie said...

Not bad at all. And the best thing is she did "along". Fairies are the best.

Molly said...

we just got rid of my daughter's paci, she's three. We did it the same night she got her big girl bed, and it really wasn't bad. She kept asking for it (for three hours) but no tears. I'm bumming though because now, NO NAP! I'm so tempted to buy one just for nap time, she really needs the sleep. Hope it continues to go well!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Our goal is to have my little guy off of it by the time he is two. My daughter was about 26 months when we got her off. We made the mistake of just cutting the nipple part off. She freaked out!

Rachael said...

My son has never been attached to anything (well, except me) and gave up his pacis on his own after one got a hole in it. When they get a hole, they don't work right so that's one way to wean - just make a little cut in each one. I think the trading them in for a special toy or stuffed animal idea is great, sort of the same as what you did. Then they remember why they gave it up.

Lee said...

That's actually a really great motivator. When I have kids I'm going to have to remember that.
1.) Don't give kids gum until they're 4.
2.) Use it as leverage
Check and check!

blueviolet said...

I think you're pretty incredible sticking to your guns with that one. She's working through it and that's great. Now Eli, lol to that photo!

Jennifer said...

My oldest daughter, 11 now, used a paci and would have been broken from it by age two if grandma hadn't continued to give it to her when I wasn't around! She was done with it by three.

My middle, a boy, sucks his thumb. He's eight and STILL sucks his thumb but only when no one is around. I've tried everything to break the habit but no such luck. The doctor's say he'll quit when he gets ready so with his ASD, it may take a little longer.

My youngest son, three, doesn't use either. He just prefers to walk around totally naked since being potty trained about a month ago!

What can a mom do except roll with it! I'm glad the paci fairy worked for you...just wished there was a fairy to keep clothes on little boys!!!

Manic Mother said...

Ha I didn't take Ro's away till 4 either! I think its more of us not wanting our first born to grow up then them actually needing it. Sadly Ez never took to one, and now sucks on a teddy bears ass instead...*sigh*

Roxy said...

don't you feel better...deep breath!
Jackson was a HUGE PACI FAN...Santa took it last year( he was a few months away from turning 3)
He saw a friend's baby with a paci and asked if he could have one...no... Santa took yours and brought lots of presents!!! Santa's coming again soon...do you really want a paci or presents...PRESENTS!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am glad it went so smoothly for her! Kaish never used one. Isn't that crazy? He slept with a t shirt of my daddy's which we called Chewy. And at the age of 9, he still has it. : ) Life is short!

How sweet are your pictures?

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

That is rough...but good for you!

Pinkie said...

Congrats on winning that battle. My daughter put down her paci at 4 months, only to replace it with her bottle. She is 21 mos now and still attached to it. She can't sleep without it, and most times she just puts it in her mouth and walks around with it, not really drinking, just having it there. I know I need to get her off of it but I haven't had the will to fight that fight yet. Ugh! I confessed with you!

James (SeattleDad) said...

It may not be easy, but you will get through it intact. Here's hoping the transition is surprisingly smooth.

Night Owl Mama said...

We starting getting the almost yr old off the paci for a few months now. Sometimes he doesn't care if he has it other times he has to have it. Definately by the age of 4 we hope to have it gone 2
Good luck with almost 2 yr old. MY 19month old gave his up over a month ago. NOW if I can just get him to stop breastfeedng. NOT so easy to throw the boobie out. kwim

The Rambler said...

My kid had her until maybe 6 months...she found her pointer & middle finger and we've never seen the paci since.


But good job Mommy!!!! Love Love the Paci fairy thing. I'm going to share that with my sister. Her daughter is 3 and won't part with the Paci to save her life.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I feel your pain!

My son was the only one who liked a paci. Good/bad thing was that he only liked a German kind (we lived in Germany when he was born), so when they eventually got lost/broken there was no way to replace them. I actually didn't say anything and we kind of just held our breath but paci just sort of disappeared from his life without any drama!

wife.mom.nurse said...

What a great idea. The paci fairy.

I am so glad she is transitioning well. That has to be hard for the little gal.

Good job Mommy!!!

Jennifer said...

My 3 guys had pacifiers at night until before Kindergarten. They are now older teens and do not seem to be harmed in anyway from the experience. Oddly, they had pacifiers in the NICU due to their extreme prematurity (as sucking helps growth).

Keeling said...

ahhh I feel your pain! Jack still doesn't sleep like he used to when we got rid of the pass about 6 months ago.

Sherrie said...

Umm yah...I remember those days with my oldest. He had to choose...no paci or sleep in your own bed. Well, he chose no paci. LOL! (we were co-sleepers...not by choice though). Now, my little guy is a thumb sucker, and what I wouldn't give to have him be a paci lovin' munchkin. You see...I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to get rid of his thumb without him knowing. ;)

Megan said...

Woohoo!! That's great! Congrats on a fairly easy transition. =)

That pic of Eli...LOL Hilarious!!

mellisarock said...

What a great idea!! The Paci Fairy. I have never had to deal with pacifiers...4 kids and not one used them...but my last baby...Miss M had a stuffed doll, penguin, and teddy bear...she would suck on the arms and legs of these things...it was really gross...but when she turned 2...they went to take a bath (washing machine) and just never came back...It worked...cried for about 10 mins the first night...but never asked for them again. I wish though that I had though of the yucky baby fairy!