Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Google Reader!

Anyone else fighting a losing battle trying to access unread blog posts via Google Reader?

Or is it just me??


My daughter and I were discussing safety and what to do if something happened to one of us, and she was telling me if I got in trouble she would run and find help. So I asked her how she would describe me if she needed to and the first thing she said is:

"well, she has a round head...",

which I suppose would really help single me out from all the square, triangle, and rectangular head-shaped moms out there.

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The Rambler said...


And I so don't know what i'm doing in my google reader. i need to take a Google Readers for dummies course.

Three Js said...

That is just too dang cute!

At least she didn't say "big" or "fat."

I don't use google reader. should i?? :-0

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Oh that is too cute! I use blogger dashboard for my updates instead of google reader!

Fresh Mommy said...

LOL, that is awesome!! I wonder how my daughter would describe me...


Anonymous said...


Megan said...

Ohmygosh! Hahaha! Priceless!

marathoner81 said...

A round descriptive! I think I would be able to pick your out of a crowded room now! said...

HA! Love that one!


April said...

Well, she is on the right track. At least she didn't say the "fat" word. My SIL gave birth 2 weeks ago. When they let her other daughters in her room to see her and the new baby, they both looked at my SIL and said "Mommy, why are you still fat?"