Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random picture challenge 13.0


16th picture folder
28th picture
August 2008 {my 16th picture folder}
28th picture


August 16th, 2008.  MOVING DAY!!  On this wonderful day we moved to our new home.  I am not sure why Hannah is wearing jeans because it was one of the hottest days of the year (perfect for moving lots of stuff, right?). 

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Sherrie said...

Okay, your blog keeps acting funny on me. It keeps bringing up a Dell Search Page. WEIRD! I was able to click the "post comment" quick enough, but as I type this your blog has left my screen. Again, CUHRAZEE!!!! Anyway, cute picture. Don't you just LOVE moving day?

Valerie said...

lol I love that picture her smile is just too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Aww! She's got the perfect cheerleader stance!

Three Js said...

You probably let her pick her outfit, and that was it! Still so cute. It's always hot when there's moving to do!

pam said...

What a cute little cookie monster.

Megan said...

Ugh, I hate moving. HATE. IT.

Hannah looks pretty proud to be moving though. =)