Tuesday, May 26, 2009

jump start: a review

I giddily agreed to this product review quite a while back – it was my first “approach” and I was happy just to be contacted!  So I immediately signed on.  As my blogging has progressed I have come to the conclusion that product reviews are just not really “my thing” and probably not something you will see much of here.  It takes away from cute pictures of my children!! 


This review might be for you if you have children ages 3-10, especially if they enjoy using the computer as a learning tool. 

About Jumpstart

JumpStart®, an award-winning brand from Knowledge Adventure®, has set the standard in kid’s educational software for over 15 years. Today, the JumpStart experience is more engaging, interactive and fun than ever! In 2009, we introduced JumpStart.com, an online adventure where 3-10 year old kids master the skills needed to succeed in school and in life through exploration, discovery and learning. By blending interactive adventures and award-winning learning games into a safe, customizable online world, JumpStart inspires minds and JumpStarts self-confidence…the fun way.


This site is a “beta”, which means over the next year or so they will continue to add to and enhance the virtual world. 

My daughter is only 3 and does not spend time on the computer, so I found her a little too young to help me review this land in earnest. She really liked helping me make her avatar, picking the hair and the outfit, and we did spend a some time in Storyland (appropriate for ages 3-5).  The activities seem really fun, and a more computer savvy child would have a lot of fun exploring the sites, playing the games, and learning along the way!  I would definitely consider this as a learning tool for her when she gets a little older. 

For parents, visit the JumpStart blog.  There they will be posting articles about topics that matter to parents, including tips for raising happy kids and tools that help make learning fun.  Here are some of their recent posts:

They also have a Just For Fun page with lots of great craft ideas along with tricks and games!

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Anonymous said...

The kids I nanny for love jump start. It simply amazes me that toddlers can use a computer better than I can!

Sherrie said...

Ugghhh...your site is still messing up on me in Explorer. Oh well. Anyway, they contacted me about a review, and I've yet to email them back. I've had 3 contacts so far about reviews, and I'm not sure if it's something I want to do. At first I was all "yeah...I'll do it...sounds like fun." Now...it seems like work. LOL! :)

pam said...

I am getting into this, and I am loving it! Speaking of, come on over and enter the giveaway that I am running this week!!

Roxy said...

agree...doesn't look like it would be that great...unless of course it was lip gloss/workout tape...something more FUN and useful!