Thursday, February 5, 2009

But That’s What I Said, Mom!

Make believe is alive and well in our household.

Take yesterday, for example.

We went for a short walk to get the mail.  My daughter decided that she wanted to be a puppy, complete with puppy “paws”.


Now, this puppy decided she wanted to walk down the street on her hands and feet, almost like a moving downward-dog yoga pose.  Makes for some interesting glances from the neighbors and some sloooow progress to the mailbox. 

After we got back from getting the mail, paws removed, Hannah was still in full puppy mode. 

As I usually do when we pretend she is a puppy, I told her to “go lie down”. 

Guess my timing was off.  Puppy did not like that one bit and a minor meltdown ensued.

But it was so cute.

She was sobbing her little head off, but instead of the “wah wah” sound she tends to make when she cries I heard her sobbing “woof woof”. 

I gave her a puppy treat and all was right with the world.


Today we were looking at some alphabet letter flash cards.  Hannah does not know very many letters yet, so for the most part she would guess a letter and I would tell her the correct one displayed on the card. 

Every single time I told her the correct one she would go “but that’s what I said, mom!”. 

Duly noted.

But I’m pretty sure I heard a “R”, not an “M”.


Roxy said...

Woof cute!
I left a note under my comments...silly me!
IMPRESSED with the 3 days in a're gonna have to get some weight training in...if no gym then maybe some hand weights! I can send you a copy of BP DVD to try!
Have fun tonight with your girlfriend...wish you were close... I'd make you come to class and dinner with us!

pam said...

I am impressed that she made it all the way to the mailbox.

(last night my silly computer would not let open your blog, today seems better, I am going to catch up now)

Three Js said...

Hannah has the most active imagination! So cute. Lately Jacob pretends to be "Baby Eli." He crawls into my lap (cute), says "goo goo ga ga" and crawls around. When I tell him baby Eli can't walk or talk (yet!!) he says "but this one can." Then he decides that his stuffed monkey is Hannah. He has me pretend to talk to her. Then Spot comes out and Jacob says "and out comes a BIG HUNGRY DOG" and wants to eat "Hannah." I remind him we don't eat our cousins and then he hugs her!

blueviolet said...

You're making me miss those days so much! Plus your house sounds extra fun!

Cathy said...

What a cutie!! My daughter was acting like a frog yesterday...she started to hop, and fell on her face....froggy got a boo-boo!

Megan said...

LOL That's too cute! Crying woof woof instead of wah wah. heehee