Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else is not doing this week.

I keep a running list of things I’m not doing during the week.

It helps when I write this post.

But sometimes I write stuff down really fast.

It seems perfect at the time.

By the time the weekend rolls around and I work on this post, a large portion of the items on my list no longer make sense. Why did I write that down again?

Forgetful? Not Me.


I did not watch an old (1983) episode of The Facts Of Life on On Demand when I could have been sleeping. You know the one where it’s Mrs. G’s birthday and Jo and Blair take her to a strip club and Blair’s boyfriend just happens to be working there? Well, I did not watch that one.

I did not spend $10.99 on a bottle of wine just because I liked the label and I knew it would make for a good blog post.

My son did not pick up a piece of carpet lint that was lingering on the floor. And it definitely DID NOT disappear in his mouth. I did not run over and do a cheek sweep hoping to remove said article.

I did not lay down on my kitchen floor and use myself as a measuring tool simply because I happened to be almost the exact same length (72”) as a floor mat I was eyeing and I wanted to see how it would fit.

And honey, I did not once doubt your ability to install our insta-hot without the aid of a plumber’s expertise. I was NOT nervous at all that the installation would be anything other than the success it was, even after you told me it was a “simple 6 step process”. You have my wary acceptance full trust in all the projects you tackle around here.

What have you not been doing?


Three Js said...

I love the one about the floor mat. That sounds like something Jason would do! And yes, you must trust in that husband of yours to read the directions and do just a *fine* plumbing job. :-) Ha ha.
Thanks for the morning laughs! Yours are so good I have been afraid to try any on my blog. :-0

Three Js said...

PS your blog loaded fine today.

pam said...

I can just picture you on the floor measuring for the mat!! Too funny.

I can never remember the little things either, I should write them out. (why I have not done one in two weeks)

Happy Monday.

Dee said...

LOL! I NEVER use my body as a measurement! That would be silly! :)

blueviolet said...

I have never done a cheek sweep for carpet trappings either! ;)

The Liebers said...

Haha Too funny!!

LucieP said...

you are so cute!
And tall! ;)

I use 8X10 picture frames to measure all the time...shhhh

Joyfull said...

Oh I loved these! I can so "not" relate to anything for a blog post and being a human yard stick!

Julie said...

I love the wine! That's great!! The Facts of Life was awesome...I miss that show! Love your blog...think I'm just gonna have to follow it...

Roxy said...'re getting REALLY GREAT at these...keep up the great work!
Totally would buy the wine for the label...and can see you stretched out on the floor LOL!
Facts of Life...haven't had that cross my mind in like "forever". How was it? Sometimes we need to sleep...but just want to "relax" and enjoy a show for us...totally relate!!
Got the BP DVD to send...sorry today had some unexpected turn of events...should all be ok...let you know on Wednesday...anyway I'll mail it tomorrow!

Norm said...

You're a great writer Teri!
love dad said...

Wow, always knew the span between my outstretched thumb and 1st finger was 8 inches (built in measurer), but to lay down and use my entire body? Brilliant. Well fellow meticulous housekeeper ;) loved your Not Me Monday.

Clair said...

Using your body to measure something. Thats so silly, I would never do that! I would not use my arms to measure curtains and bedding, not me!