Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 6.0

This weeks selection:

January 2007
13th picture folder
3rd picture


Picture of our girls.  I believe we were trying to get a shot for our Holiday Cards.  In this case, Happy New Year cards because my step-daughter was living on the east coast and we could not get a picture in time for Christmas. 

Want to play along?  Visit 4 Little Men.


blueviolet said...

Absolutely too cute!

Kelli said...

Cute!! A good picture for Holiday cards always seem so hard to get!!

Clair said...

I love the fact that you waited for her before doing the cards. Besides, who else did Happy New Year cards????

(lol, my verification word is "barra"- one of my favourite scottish islands!)

pam said...

Very sweet girls. You must look at them and wonder where the time has gone!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

Great picture......such wonderful smiles!.......

Yaya said...

Oh my gosh, they look JUST LIKE YOU!

Roxy said...

Glad to hear you liked the DVD... the classes change every DVD. I think I sent you 67... as I'm currently teaching 68...69 is due out any day and launches in April.
Try that one at least TWICE a week...going up on weights when you can. If you can do 3 times per week...GREAT...just give your body a day of rest in between...still do cardio, but no toning!

Megan said...