Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hannah’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Cookies

It starts with cookies. 


Yes, of course we made perfectly square cookie dough.  Doesn’t everyone?

No, that is NOT a cookie dough wrapper package you see on the counter. 


Follow with frosting.


Lots and lots of frosting.


Make sure you eat a lot  little bit.


Next, you need sprinkles.


Again, good rule of thumb: Use LOTS of them!


Very important step – do not skip!  Make sure your mother is occupied with your baby brother.  Then proceed to eat more frosting and sprinkles. Tell her she doesn’t need to watch you decorate cookies!



Repeat this process until you have decorated about 11 cookies and somehow made 2 tubes of frosting practically disappear!

What’s left?  A happy girl  with pink teeth who is going to soon have a sugar crash and completely skip her dinner. 



Happy Valentine’s Day.


Three Js said...

Mmmm. I like her style. Sounds yummy! Love Eli's shirt. Baxter looks pretty happy too!

blueviolet said...

LOL, look at her mouth! That's so cute! I love it!

pam said...

Love those pink teeth. Great way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Roxy said...

GREAT job on those cookies...she's a PRO! Hope you got to BP to counteract the cookies and chocolate.
I've got my workout in last night at pump it to follow...and need to do something today!

Julie said...

That's hilarious! Love the teeth! At least she had fun! Right? :) LOL! Love baby brother's onesie! Too cute! said...

Sooooo cute! Love those cute little pink teeth ")

Megan said...

Hahahaha Love it! Looks yummy!

Mariel said...

What a fun mom you are! You're little boy's hair is so cute!