Friday, February 20, 2009

It’s Just a Guy Thing

My husband is off for his annual weekend retreat with the guys.

You know, the one where:

  • They are all assigned a specific food item to bring, but everyone brings beer. Lots of beer.
  • Shaving and showering are optional, at least until it’s time to come home to the wife and kids.
  • Cell phones conveniently don’t work because they conveniently picked a place very much out of cell phone range.
  • Video games will be played.
  • Poker is too.
  • They will reminisce about the good old college days.
  • Staying up late is a must.
  • You sleep where you find a spot.
  • Toilet seats get to stay up.
  • Manners are optional.

It’s just a guy thing.

And for us, it’s just once a year.

At least, once a year as long as we omit fantasy football draft night, occasional excuses to drink beer golf games, along with a poker night or two thrown in for good measure.

I don’t find myself doing “girl” weekends EVER very often. But I definitely have my share of “me” time: pedicures, dinners out with girlfriends, shopping, and the occasional spa outing.

All of these are possible because I have a wonderful husband who is more than willing to take care of the kids while I get in my “me” time.

So honey, go have fun. You deserve it.

And I won’t expect your call.

Just be ready for the hand-off when you get home on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, why is that they always miraculously pick a place with no cell phone service??!?!?! Hmmmm....i'm sensing a conspiracy....

Three Js said...

Hmm, what will you and the kiddos be doing over the weekend? I saw "The lion king?" on your google calendar? Are you taking Hannah to see that? Tell Mickey to have fun and to drink lots of water to counteract the beer :-)

pam said...

I am so jealous that you get to go and do things for yourself!! Maybe someday I will, even getting a hair cut is a trial.

Megan said...

lol Yeah, when Kyle goes away, they have to 4x4 to get there, they camp in the back of their trucks (sometimes), they're up so high they can see's usually in some place in Index that isn't even a real camping spot. LOL

sandy said...

I really need a retreat too! said...

The girl weekend thing just doesn't happen for me either.

You have a great attitude about his getaway... says good thing about your relationship ")

Anonymous said...

You are so unselfish and giving! Both of you and that's probably part of the reason why it works! :)

Daddy M said...

Did I say how lucky I am to have you as my wife! I love the way there is a golf tournament the first weekend of May..... can I go?