Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Make Me Want To Be A Better Mom

We were all getting in the car ready to head to the mall. I was putting my daughter’s seatbelt on when out of her mouth comes the following:

“Mom, you need to be a better mom”.

Hmm. How do I respond to that?

While my husband is laughing in the driveway, I formulate my response.

“Well, what do you think I need to do to be a better mom?”.

Her well-thought out reply:

  • Drink juice
  • Go night-night

Now, I’m pretty happy to report that I go “night-night” every night. Juice is not a daily beverage of choice, but I’m not opposed to it, especially if it’s going to make me a better mom. I did ask if “mommy wine juice” was okay, and she felt that would be fine with her.

The reality is that I am always working on being a better mom, and although it might take a little more effort on my part than just drinking juice and sleeping, it’s nice to know my daughter’s insightful enough to help keep me on the right track.

But just to be safe I’ll be sure to have an extra glass of wine juice tonight.


pam said...

What a sweetie. I think being a better mom is something we are all working on. From what I see, I think you are a pretty darn good mom just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Good advice! I'll keep that in mind when we have kids!

TUTU said...

You can tell sweet Hannah that TuTu had her wine (oops I meant juice) already tonight.

Roxy said...

got it! Great post...hope the juice was good...

Norm said...

That is priceless!